The College provides intermediate/ +2 education to young boys in the age group of 16 to 18 years. The College aims to send maximum boys to the NDA/NAVAC. Hence it puts emphasis on complete education and all round personality development of the cadets. However in the event of a boy not joining the NDA due to any reason, the PDA guarantees, through the 2 years of academic course, that he attains enough academic proficiency to get admission in any professional or any other college in the Country.


The College offers only the Science Stream at the +2 level. However, to prepare Cadets for the UPSC examination for entry into NDA & other defense related Services, Social Sciences, and other related courses are also taught. Every activity is objective based and precisely timed to mould future leaders and make them holistic Cadets.

Periodic tests are held regularly to ensure that the Cadets grasp and assimilate the course of study covered in each month. After the term end examination, each Cadet's academic record is comprehensively analysed and his position in class decided; both curricular and extracurricular achievements of a term are recorded in his dossier.Cadets are familiarized with the modern objective type of questions to prepare them to competently face the UPSC Examination for entry into the NDA and NAVAC. 


"A healthy mind in a healthy body," that's reason the PDA has excellent facilities for all team and individual games. Sports and games every afternoon play an important role to foster team spirit and provide a welcome break from studies. the major games are cricket, volley ball, basketball, and Athletics. The college arranges personalized coaching for all major games and sports.


Each day begins with Physical Training and Squad Drill once in a week. These two organized activities under experienced instructors develop loco motor functions, enhance physical growth, improve turnout and bearing and inculcate a sense of discipline and obedience. Obstacles are a part of life. Obstacles in physical dimension train the young to develop problem solving skills and a sense of fearlessness.


There is intense but friendly inter-section rivalry in the playing fields as well as in other co-curricular activities for obtaining top honor for their teams


Twice a week in the afternoons hobby clubs function. This forms an important feature of the daily activities of the students and complements the academic curriculum. It also promotes social and cultural values among the boys. We have the Young Newton and Alchemists for budding scientists; Art, Craft and Journalism for the one's having a flair for creativity; Music,Dance and Drama for performing artists; Gardening for the environment lovers;


Recreational excursions to places of interest during mid term breaks help them relax and unwind. Ample opportunities is given and students are encouraged to pursue adventure sports like Trekking, Long Distance Cycling through flat and hilly terrain, Mountaineering, Skiing, White Water Rafting and Para Sailing.

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Pydah Green Campus, Kakinada - Yanam Road, Patavala, East Godavri District, Andhra Pradesh

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+91 73823 15999 | 0884 2315080


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